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Going to livestream for a short while, feel free to say hi!
JSE - LO BGnewL WideR KV CRE tease by SunMoonDragoness

I haven’t fo̶rgott̢èn͝
Here are some sneak peeks and updates for the things I'm working on, still trucking on haha.

Sneakpeekwinter by SunMoonDragoness
Project 1 - Large digital painting, one of my characters, currently at 70% done

sneakpeekdingtegelsjseV2 by SunMoonDragoness
Project 2 - Animatic with audio, certain green bean, currently at 80% done

The animatic is most likely going to be finished first. :D
If I were to open commissions, what types would you guys be interested in/would like to see?

Speedpaintings, characters, full detailed pieces, realism, landscapes etc. Or something else perhaps.

Side note, working on two larger projects atm, still the piece that I've tried to create years ago. Fun fact, the first attempts of this piece are in my gallery haha (back in 2012). The other being something spooky, hopefully before Halloween. I'm trying to get this semi animated with sound/sound effects so it's quite the challenge, don't know if it will look good or work haha but still fun to try. Might even pick up a third larger project, also storyboard style. Found some music that really fits a scene in my story and it gets me all inspired to create something with it.

Might do a livestream in between projects, either with topics or studies.

Thank you guys for your patience!



Pt2 hard drive

The hard drive sage continues with….

It dead.

Yeap, it died just now lol. It was acting up again yesterday and a friend of mine was able to revive it for a bit, I could backup the small remaining stuff. And it worked this afternoon still so I could double check everything and now it’s gone. Rip little buddy, feb 2016 - oct 2017. Never had a hard drive that went bad so quickly lol. Still don’t know whether to laugh or cry. xD But I’m glad I was able to transfer my system to an ssd, so that’s at least something.


Very bummed out right now, with a mix of grumpy and tiredness. Had two hard drive errors in one week at startup, the second one this morning. Great. Now I’m not sure if this is just an unlucky hard drive, since it’s only a year and a half old, or it’s already at the end of its tether from me using the computer a lot. Either way I will need to do something about it asap since I have one drive for storage and my programmes. Which is going to be switched to most likely an SDD for the OS and an HDD for storage. This pc was a prebuild emergency pc, with good hardware though, after my old one dying after 8 years. But damn, I thought this one would last a little longer than 1,5 years lol. Hopefully I can get the funding round, might have to open commissions since I don’t really have an income atm. Ugh, computers sometimes. xD;;

Sorry for all the rant journals so quick after one another.



Livestreaming right now, here

Speedpainting, theme Fire and Ice
Funny how always when I post something like yay, stuff is doing okay etc or when I post a wip or something. It always ends up getting jinxed. *faceplant*

This morning my computer gave a disk error at startup, huzzah, heart attack ahoy, everything seems normal now, did a disk repair, SMART test check etc. So ehm yeah, not going to jinx it again. The hard drive is only a year and a half old, so this is maybe a stroke of bad luck or something because I really try to do my best and keep everything in tip top shape, no game stuff, no downloads or other weird things. I'll keep an eye on it either way, got me pretty spooked.

And the other jinx thing that I always seem to have is whenever I post work in progress stuff, more than half of the time that piece of art doesn't end up getting finished because either I'm not happy with it or I lose interest. So um yeah, that's why I never really post wip stuff because I don't want to disappoint anyone by false hype or something.

What a morning.

Finally being able to bring a sketch from 2012 to life makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And also holy crap, I know how to draw it now, skill wise.

Sorry for the short hello! Going to make a big journal soon with all the things I've doing for the past months but need some time to put it on paper.

But yeah, I'm having fun drawing. c:
Holy crap, that's so awesome. c: 900 watchers, wow.

Thanks so much! :heart: It means a lot. :)
Wip/result of the stream:

Wipneverendingred by SunMoonDragoness

Offline again.


Because why the hell not. It's been a while! Hopefully my internet can keep up.
First off, hello to all the new watches! So many new people, wow and thank you. ^^

And secondly, I've been quite busy, but productive! Made ten drawings this past week. Sadly I can't show them yet because they are part of a project, which hopefully will be released very soon. But I'm quite excited and I also got to work on my video editing skills again, it's been a while haha.

How's everyone doing? Enjoying the summer already a bit?

Since I can't decide what to finish first, here are some more work in progresses.

Wipstuff by SunMoonDragoness

Sorry for my absence last month. I've been really busy with volunteer work and I've been playing Monster Hunter in my spare time. Holy crap, that game is fun and quite addictive too haha.

Thought it would be fun to show a wip (critique is always welcome btw) :
 wip-unityV2 by SunMoonDragoness

It's going to be the 2017 version of these guys: Draconic Trinity by SunMoonDragoness     Trinity by SunMoonDragoness Huzzah for story related stuff, for me at least haha.

And I made some speedpaint sketches that I might work on some more.

How are you guys doing?
So I've been thinking about a livestream idea for a while and I might as well get it on paper. I would love to have more of an interactive stream between viewer and artist. Would anyone be interested if I were to give like a, for example, a speedpaint workshop thing? These would be about the length of a speedpaint, 30-60 minutes I have a microphone too, not the worlds greatest but I have one. I love explaining stuff and teaching things, helping. Any other added ideas you guys might have? Things you want to learn about or want to see etc. Let me know what you think. ^^

It's been a while since I made a journal entry. After a busy graduation project period and then having to move across country I've finally settled in again. I am happy to tell that I've graduated my masters in Scientific Illustration! It still feels a bit unreal, that studying is over now but I'm relieved that the big bundle of stress from that is gone. Now it's time to worry about other things haha.

But anyway, I've made a website containing my scientific illustration work, it's found here. Parts of my thesis are also posted on that website, for the ones that are curious, it's below my regular work if you scroll down and it's called 'The mammoth and it's evolutionary lineage in Eurasia'. During my thesis year I worked in close collaboration with experts and I've learned a lot during that time and had a good time working on it. Whilst I had a good time working on my project it wasn't so great at the place where I lived, room mate stuff can really wreck your brain. And getting plagued by other health issues wasn't the best thing either. But I'm doing better now, so that's good.

Other than that, well you've might have noticed that I have become more active here. I've missed this place and you guys and I will do my very best to keep it fresh and energized again. Things that I've been thinking about are doing livestreams again. It has been a long while since the last time but I think Livestream/Procaster is a bit dead now? So I will have to find a new streaming host/website, if you guys know any good ones feel free to leave a comment. And also, if you have any suggestions about what to draw/would like to see feel free as well.

Some other things I've been thinking about are commissions. Subscription commission combination would be the first thing though, I miss being able to make polls and stuff. Patreon is another thing that seems very interesting. I would love to do tutorial stuff or something in that nature. And I haven't forgotten about the raffle prizes, these will be made soon, since I finally have now the proper time to do them. :)

How've you guys been? It's been so long that I've gotten out of touch with everyone. And also a hello! To my new watchers and the old. ^^ Hope everyone's well.

And these are my ramblings for now haha :p
As you can tell from the title, my computer is dying. This is not a new problem. I tried to prolong its life by installing SSDs and adding more RAM during the last summer holiday and that has helped and worked for a while. But now, after getting error messages, blue screens (2 in 1,5 months time and before that never), graphics card problems (getting way too hot, 80c idle), I need a new computer. It's hitting its 7 year mark soon so it's also time I think. 

But the problem is, I do not know where to start. Do I need to get a Mac, maybe a workstation or even a game pc and maybe even build one? Nowadays it is really hard to just go to the store and get a new one, at least where I live. Its mostly just tablets, phones and laptops. But that is not what I need, I need a beast. It is going to be the PC for not just my personal drawings, also for my working life (and perhaps my own company thing). 

Minimal specs:
16gb RAM (8gb minimum)
SSDs (OS disk)
Graphics card that can handle Adobe Premiere and Cinema 4D (or other big 3D programmes) and of course PS, Illustrator, InDesign etc
At least 1TB of storage 

If anyone has some advice on where to look or to start that would be really helpful. :)

Thank you very much in advance. :)
Happy new year everyone! ^^ And best wishes too! c: :floating:
-update 23/04-

Some good news, my arm is doing much better now after letting it rest as good as possible. The nerve pain is gone and the swollen part on my hand is now just a small bump. And the bump only hurts if I poke it. Someone I know who knows about these kinds of stuff had a look at it and they said it was from excessive use of my arm and not taking enough rest and also drawing with a bad posture. So I've been trying to keep an eye on that, taking regular breaks and try to relax my shoulders as good as possible. What I also found that helped a lot was a combination of vitamin B and folic acid, that boosts the natural restore of the nerves. Aka lots of fruits and veggies. XD

And thank you guys, for the well wishes. :) :heart: During the down time I've had some time to brainstorm about my story and I'm happy to have made some progress in a long while. And fortunately at school I have to read a lot for my thesis between my last assignments. Now to get slowly back into drawing again, my hand is itching to draw stuff haha. But I need to be cautious too. :)

A week and a half ago my arm was fed up with drawing and went into complete rebel mode and from my hand to the back of my shoulder it hurt in the deep nerves and it was not fun and right now my wrist is still partially swollen.

I've been taking some forced time off time but when you have stuff that needs to get finished it's not really the greatest timing. Typing is not a great thing to do either so I'll keep this journal short.

When the arm thing happened I was drawing some personal art but since that is going to be out of the picture for a while I thought I'd make a small compilation of wips. The top one being the most recent. So sorry in advance for the inactivity art wise.

WipcharsV2 by SunMoonDragoness

And the winners are....

Number 8 - Kasaurus
Number 17 - Saraais

Congratulations to the winners and a thankyou to everyone who entered! C:

List of entrants and rng screenshot: Raffle winners v  by SunMoonDragoness

-closed- Results will be up tomorrow!

Hey everyone, a reminder for those who still wish to enter the raffle before it closes!

And wow, I did not expect this many people to respond. That's so awesome.
I'll add another prize slot at 25 entrants! And if this gets to 40 I'll add another. c:

See the rules below for entering and results will be in next week!


As a thank you to all of you guys for supporting me along the years I want to host a watcher art raffle. :)

Prize: a (speed)painting from me of your character/enviroment/etc (might add more prizes if there are a lot of entrants)

Who can enter: anyone of my watchers between January 2006 till 24th September 2014

How to enter: add the codeword 'bananafruitcake' to your comment and you will be given a number. Then a random number generator will be used to pick a winner.

Deadline for entering: 11th of October, 12.00 CET
The results will be posted on Sunday 12th of October! :D